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August 2007

Saturday 25th        Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


Scott's report:


Qualifying laps were held on a rough track and I made a couple of errors, so had to run in the C main.  Finished 2nd in C main which was a good result, but still had to start at the back of the grid for the heat race and couldn't gain any passes.  Transferred to B main but off the back again, passed a few cars, finishing 13th.  Unfortunately not good enough for a transfer to the A main.


Qualifying Race Results
Name Car Place Time
Kevin Swindell 79 1 14.548
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 21 2 14.58
Brad Sweet 67 3 14.649
Jerry Coons Jr. 11 4 14.696
Matt Sherrill 135 5 14.715
Chuck Gurney Jr. 20 6 14.727
Chris Windom 17 7 14.742
Danny Stratton 4 8 14.748
Dave Darland 9 9 14.811
Brandon Wagner 92 10 14.827
Brad Loyet 05 11 14.878
Mike Hess 44 12 14.878
Bubba Altig 33 13 14.889
Cole Whitt 99 14 14.921
Davey Ray 91 15 14.954
Gary Taylor 999 16 15.001
Chad DeSelle 81 17 15.004
Michael Pickens 2X 18 15.012
Donnie Ray Crawford 299 19 15.048
Nick Lundgreen 41 20 15.07
Doug Schenck 19X 21 15.078
Darren Hagen 32 22 15.104
Brandon Waelti 3 23 15.105
Scott Hatton 15 24 15.11
Dan Mecum 8M 25 15.111
Brian Ramstack 02 26 15.139
Brad Kuhn 43 27 15.144
AJ Fike 69 28 15.224
Tim Noble 9X 29 15.281
Tom Hessert 5 30 15.3
Rob Keelan 17X 31 15.322
Jim Fuerst 28 32 15.333
Chase Barber 90 33 25.357
Scott Buckley 25NZ 34 15.361
Bryce Townsend 3NZ 35 15.375
Brad Mosen 77 36 15.383
Ryan Durst 191 37 15.386
Bobbie East O4 38 15.395
Bryan Walters 5W 39 15.456
Buddy Luebke 43X 40 14.456
Robbie Ray 3R 41 14.482
Joe Wipperfurth 4X 42 15.504
Bob Shreffler 21S 43 15.534
Kurt Mayhew 21K 44 15.563
Aaron Fiscus 7 45 15.567
Jason Dull 56 46 15.733
Jon LeJeune 34 47 16.028
Kellen Love 71X 48 16.089
C-Main Race Results
Name Place
Brad Mosen 1
Scott Buckley 2
Bobbie East 3
Joe Wipperfurth 4
Chase Barber 5
Ryan Durst 6
Kurt Mayhew 7
Aaron Fiscus 8
Buddy Luebke 9
Jason Dull 10
Bob Shreffler 11
Robbie Ray 12
Bryce Townsend 13
Bryan Walters 14
B-Main Race Results
Name Place
Kevin Swindell 1
Chris Windom 2
Danny Stratton 3
Bubba Altig 4
Chuck Gurney Jr. 5
Brad Loyet 6
Scott Hatton 7
Brad Mosen 8
Brandon Wagner 9
Cole Whitt 10
Doug Schenck 11
Joe Wipperfurth 12
Scott Buckley 13
Bobbie East 14
Chase Barber 15
Kurt Mayhew 16
Jim Fuerst 17
Aaron Fiscus 18
Michael Pickens 19
Gary Taylor 20
Rob Keelan 21
Matt Sherrill 22
A-Main Race Results
Name Place
Jerry Coons Jr. 1
Dave Darland 2
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 3
Danny Stratton 4
Chuck Gurney Jr. 5
Darren Hagen 6
Mike Hess 7
Brandon Waelti 8
Davey Ray 9
Bubba Altig 10
Chad DeSelle 11
Brad Kuhn 12
Kevin Swindell 13
Scott Hatton 14
Nick Lundgreen 15
Tom Hessert 16
Chris Windom 17
AJ Fike 18
Brian Ramstack 19
Brad Sweet 20
Brad Loyet 21
Tim Noble 22
Cole Whitt 23
Dan Mecum 24


Friday 24th             Plymouth Dirt Track, Plymouth, Wisconsin


Meeting Rained Out


Sunday 19th           Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


Meeting Rained Out


Friday 17th             Macon Speedway, Macon, Illinois


Scott's report:


Very slick two lane track; one lane really high against the wall and the other right on the pole line. Track size is smaller than NZ's Kihi Kihi but highly banked.  I drew pill 88 so was on the last grid for the heat race.  Only managed to pass one car to finished 8th.  In the B Main I was also on the last grid and finished 9th so didn't transfer to the A main.  Shaun drove well in his heat but still had to race the B main and didn't transfer to the A either.  Bryce's heat was a crash fest and he finished with 2 other cars so they all transferred to the A main.   Unfortunately he spun out on the first lap and had to restart from the rear then late in the race was involved in another crash that put him out. 

Sunday 12th           Kokomo Speedway, Kokomo, Indiana


Scott's report:


Missed the marble draw so started off the back of heat 2 finishing at the back once again.  Started off the back of the 2nd B main with only the top 3 finishers transferring to the rear of the A main feature.  Passed 6 cars to finish 4th, missing the transfer to the feature by less than a car length, beaten across the line by none other than Dave Darland, driving the Steve Lewis #9 Toyota.  Bugger!  It was frustrating that you get points for passing in the heat races but not in the B main.


To end the Indiana midget week without a feature start after such a promising start is very disappointing.  Four shows in a row with 50 top level cars to race against has been one hell of a learning curve.  Roll on next year when there will be five shows in a row!


Saturday 11th        Lawrenceburg Speedway, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


Scott's report:


Collected Karen from Indy airport and travelled to Lawrenceburg.  Got a bad marble draw and with a very slick track, raced to last place, putting me off the back of the B main.  With nothing to lose I tried a setup that didn't pay off and finished at the back of a by now very slick track.  Many of the other teams were threatening not to race due to poor track preparation.  Not a good night for any of the Kiwi's.


Full Results


Friday 10th             Gas City I-69 Speedway, Gas City, Indiana

Scott's report:

Arrived at Gas City after the second mega-trip to Wisconsin (see below) at 7:30pm, too late for driver registration.  In between watching the other Kiwi's race, Bill, Dick Webb, Kevin Stephens and I refitted the motor.  Got a push start off the back of the wingless sprint car feature, and was happy the car ran.  Helped to pack up the transporter and headed back to Indianapolis for some much needed sleep!  Bummer no racing action tonight.


Full Results


Thursday 9th          Kamp Motor Speedway, Boswell, Indiana


Scott's report:


I drew grid 2 and Bryce drew grid 1 for the heat race.  Bryce lead the first lap then I passed for the lead on turn 1 of the second lap.  I  lead the way through to lap 6 of 8 laps when the motor broke, dropping the head off valve 8.  Normally I would pull off the track straight away but because I was leading a USAC race, I carried on and completely destroyed cylinder 4. Bad call!  Spent the rest of the meeting removing the engine and loading it into the rental car.  After watching the midget feature, Dad and I headed  back up to the engine builder in Wisconsin.  We drove until 3am before having to check into a hotel, then another hour on Friday morning; finally arriving at Speed Engineering at 7:30am.  There was too much damage to the motor to repair it straight away so we negotiated the use of a replacement engine and set about bolting our engine plate and other components to it, reloading into the rental car and heading out at 12:30pm for the 6 hour drive back to Gas City Speedway. 



Sunday 5th             Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

                                1/3 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Heat 1 Winner Matt Smith

Heat 2 Winner Scott Buckley

Heat 3 Winner Chad DeSelle

Heat 4 Winner Mike Hess


Angel Park Victory Lane



Legend Heat 1 Winner Aaron Fiscus

Legend Heat 2 Winner Brad Weber

Legend Heat 3 Winner Eric Bart.


Danny Stratton Wins the B-Main


Legend Feature Winner Brad Weber


Feature Lineup

Bryce Townsend

Aaron Fiscus

Jim Fuerst

Matt Smith

Mike Hess

Chad DeSelle

Scott Buckley

Brandon Waelti

Bob Schreffler

Brad Kuhn

Bubba Altig

Chase Barber

Tim Noble

Robbie Ray

Dan Mecum

Shawn Insley

Danny Stratton

AJ Fike

Joe Wipperfurth

Davey Ray

Nick Lundgreen

Doug Schenck



Red Flag on the start, Shawn Insley flips in turn 2.

We'll see a complete restart


Red Flag on lap 2 for a flipped Bubba Altig


Caution on lap 10 for a stopped Bryce Townsend

Aaron Fiscus leads Matt Smith and Mike Hess


Red Flag on lap 11

Jim Fuerst flips and Bob Shreffler tangles with him

Aaron Fiscus leads Matt Smith and Mike Hess


Brandon Waelti WINS!!

Aaron Fiscus second.

Brad Kuhn Third

Chad DeSelle Forth

Scott Buckley Fifth!



Saturday 4th          Wilmot Speedway, Wilmot, Wisconsin

                                1/3 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Meeting Rained Out


July 2007

Saturday 28th        Belleville High Banks, Belleville, Kansas

                               1/2 mile dirt track, 25 lap feature


Scott's report:


We changed quite a few things on the car but to all for no gain, damn thing still would not do the only thing you need here... operate at full throttle!  During the warm up (3 laps) max revs were 8300.  Then into heat 2, grid 6 still the car did not work properly and something gave up on the last lap.  Max revs were 8500 still  500 short of the red line. On a normal night at the Springs the car comes back around 8800 if its not pegged to the pre-set 9000 rpm rev limit. Lets hope the problem is only minor.


Full Results



Friday 27th            Belleville High Banks, Belleville, Kansas

                               1/2 mile dirt track, 25 lap feature


Scott's report:


Tonights racing was unbeliveably fast! We got 3 laps of green for warm up, then had to do 2 qualifing laps.  My car did not run perfect, but was good enough to get 36th fastest, making me the last car to qualify for the heat racing.   The non qualifers have to run off the back of the B main (about 10 cars). 


Bryce got grid 1 in the second heat (qualified 2 in front of me) and finished 7th 

(Top 4 transfered to A main rest to B main).  I got grid 1 in heat 4 and finished 7th.  


In the B main Bryce started 16th  and I started 18th. 

Bryce blew an oil filter o ring and pulled out of the race. My car still not running quite right, but I did finish the race 15th.   Only the top 6 made the A main so we all watched a very fast race with speeds around 130 mph.  These midgets sure go fast!


Full Results



Wednesday 25th  Junction Motor Speedway, McCool Junction, Nebraska

                                3/8 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Did not race - car held by US Customs



Tuesday 24th        Junction Motor Speedway, McCool Junction, Nebraska

                                3/8 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Did not race - car held by US Customs



Sunday 22nd         Dodge City Raceway, Dodge City, Kansas

                                3/8 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Did not race - car held by US Customs



Saturday 21st        Dodge City Raceway, Dodge City, Kansas

                                3/8 mile dirt track, 30 lap feature


Did not race - car held by US Customs



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